Getting Along

FROM ALPHA THE AARDVARK to Zelda the zebra, the irrepressible characters make children smile and laugh as they learn important lessons about how to have their own needs met while being respectful and caring toward others.

Developed by The Children’s Television Resource and Education Center and

published by JTG of Nashville, Getting Along  offers stories, songs, and

activities to help kids work and play together.

A 60-page story and song book with animal characters for children to color.

● Additional activities to reinforce concepts from the stories and songs

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# 4423  Book $9.95

● An hour-long recording with 10 adventure-packed stories by renowned story-teller Kendall Haven.

Plus 10 original songs written and

produced by Emmy-award winning

composer Rita Abrams

#4422 CD  $12.95




The book and CD bundled together with

minimal packaging to reduce product and shipping costs.  CD is in a clear vinyl sleeve and sealed with the book in a polybag.


#4420PB  Set $19.95

A proven resource for parents, teachers, and counseling professionals for ages preschool through elementary


“What a WONDERFUL set of stories and songs!!  I can’t believe my good fortune in having stumbled upon it!!”  - J. Levy, Kindergarten Teacher